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Career Advice – Resume Dos and Don’ts

By: Aileen Eskildsen

Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or looking to make a move to a better job, having a solid resume is the first step to finding your next opportunity.  Experienced recruiters or HR professionals can review a resume for a particular job in under 30 seconds and decide whether the resume is worth further scrutiny or even a phone interview.  So your first goal in creating your resume is to make sure it can survive the first 30 seconds of review and give you an opportunity to sell yourself and your skills to the recruiter during a phone interview.

Here are some simple resume ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ that will help you get past the first 30 seconds of scrutiny in the eye of the recruiter.

1- Include all your contact information at the top of the resume.  If it is easier for a potential employer to reach you on your cell phone then do not list a home number. Make sure you list a personal email address.  If you are currently working and looking for another job, never use your employer email address as a way to contact you.

2- Choose a readable font for the resume.  Many of the ‘fancy’ fonts make letters and numbers look the same (especially in email addresses) so there can be confusion when someone is trying to contact you.

3- Always include an objective on your resume.  Take time before submitting a resume to re-write the objective so it is specific to that particular opportunity.  Many job seekers use a generic or broad objective, which tells the recruiter they did not put the extra time to adapt their objective to the specific job opening.

4- If you are entering the job market post college, list your degree at the top of your resume and include any leadership or campus activities that you were involved with during your time at school. Do not include high school achievements on your resume unless they are unbelievably impressive or directly related to the job you are seeking.

5- Spell check… spell check… spell check…  Make sure everything on your resume is spelled correctly.  One little typo can do a lot of damage!

Your skills may be a perfect fit for the job but if your resume does not get past the first 30 seconds those skills may not be seen by the right people.  Don’t make the simple mistakes; set yourself and your resume up for success!!!



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