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We weren’t there When Timmy used a pillow as a load-bearing wall in his fort…

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But we were in the room 25 years later when he negotiated the most lucrative construction contract in his company’s history.

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In the room

Batman had Robin, Holmes had Watson, and you have us. Every great partnership is built on trust and respect. So when we say we’re In The Room, we mean it- by your side, partners in your company’s most critical decisions through a culture of caring. With over 70 years of experience, we can help you keep doing what’s most important: achieving success.

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Areas of expertise


Contracts, labor supply, new regulations, material costs: you’ve got enough on your hands. Let us handle the rest. Ellin & Tucker gets to know each client, walking the job site and providing solutions to your unique challenges so you can continue doing what you do best.

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With one of the mid-Atlantic’s largest Forensic & Valuation Services Groups, Ellin & Tucker works with everyone from solo practitioners to international firms from across the United States. Counting on our more than 70 years of experience, they trust our Law Services Group to maximize revenue, provide business counsel, and offer unmatched tax expertise so they can focus on the docket’s most important case: helping their clients.

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Government Contractors

From FCA to DCAA, we speak your language. Ellin & Tucker’s team of experts understand the uncertainty of a changing government landscape and how new regulations can affect your most important contracts. We make sure each client is always informed and positioned to stay a step ahead.

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Health Care

The health of your customers is your #1 priority, and our more than 70 years of expertise can make sure complex financial reporting, new legislation, and a rapidly shifting marketplace don’t slow you down. Ellin & Tucker has helped our clients maintain a strong prognosis of success, no matter what might be “going around”.

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Real Estate

From changing market trends to new tax laws, Ellin & Tucker is a trusted partner on the path to success. We know our client’s portfolios inside and out, touring the assets they build, manage or own to fully understand the unique challenges they face so we can build upon their growing foundation of accomplishments.

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Financial Services

Your clients are your biggest investment. For more than 20 years, Ellin & Tucker has been helping hedge fund managers, wealth management firms and private equity specialists make informed decisions, regardless of market fluctuations, tax code changes, or asset variations.

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Independent Schools

As you continue to educate the leaders of tomorrow, Ellin & Tucker takes on the biggest challenges you’re also facing and help ensure future growth. Our extensive client portfolio and positions on school boards puts us in a unique position to provide modern solutions unique to the business of education.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

How have we been able to help manufacturers and distributers so successfully for more than 70 years? We listen. Tight margins, new regulations, workforce changes, new tax codes- we know how to handle it all because we’ve seen it all, helping our clients navigate their biggest challenges and provide a clear pathway to continued productivity.

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Supporting those in need is your highest priority. But who’s looking after your business? Ellin & Tucker has partnered with not-for-profits for more than 70 years and just like you, we care deeply about the community. Through a culture of caring, we work tirelessly with each organization to help secure sustainability so they can keep giving back to the causes they hold dearest.

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If there’s one thing for certain about technology, it’s constantly changing. But Ellin & Tucker allows our clients to prosper by providing expert counsel at every juncture of their business’s growth, whether it’s securing capital, reaching new markets or maximizing profits. Reacting to changes is your competitor’s problem. We’ll help you be the game changer.

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Private Companies

It’s your baby. You care for, nurture and watch over your business methodically, and we understand you have a vision to achieve and challenges to overcome. Our private business clients rely on us to tell them the truth — even when it’s not what they want to hear. We provide deliberate guidance, support, and the counsel of more than 70 years of experience, allowing you to take the calculated actions that will turn the big ideas you have for your company, into a reality.

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