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We couldn’t be there when Sarah gave herself her first haircut…

But we were in the room 25 years later when her chain of hit salons acquired its biggest competitor.

  • Construction

    Contracts, labor supply, new regulations, material costs: you’ve got enough on your hands. Let us handle the rest.

  • Government Contractors

    From FAR to DCAA, we speak the language of government contractors.

  • Law

    You can count on us to provide the strategic business counsel, accounting and tax expertise you need.

  • Manufacturing & Distribution

    We understand what you’re up against: tight margins, new regulations, workforce changes, new tax codes.

  • Real Estate

    From changing market trends to new tax laws, Ellin & Tucker is a trusted partner on the path to success.

  • Don't see your company profiled? No problem. Our experts have industry and niche experience above and beyond this list. We know every business needs to focus on growth, profitability and sustainability. Get to know our experts and see how we can best serve you.

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Services You Can Count On

Our clients look to us to provide the financial reporting, tax planning and honest advice that will support their long-term goals and plans for the future, no matter what new legislation, policy or opportunity comes along. We will constantly be on the lookout for ways to help your goals become a reality.

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