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Our Difference

Conference room with empty chairs

In The Room

Strategic partners, side-kicks, counselors, advocates— this is how we’ve been described by virtually every client that’s come through our doors since 1946. Our commitment transcends physical space. Whether we’re sitting across the table or miles away, our clients know we’re right there, In The Room, delivering expert perspectives for their biggest decisions, not just the answers they want to hear. Are we sometimes a little too honest? Absolutely. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mission & Vision

Giving Back

Our commitment to our clients and employees is echoed in the commitment and love we have for the Greater Baltimore region. But saying and doing are very different things, which is why we have been engaging with the community both professionally and personally for more than 75 years. We continue to support a variety of not-for-profits through volunteerism, serving on boards and committees, sponsoring local fundraisers and events, while also looking for ways to support the charitable causes of our clients. The results of this commitment are seen throughout the region in vital arts, education, and health and human service initiatives.

Commitment to Our Community

National & International Partnerships

We’re Maryland proud but we can also support our clients with global business opportunities through our membership in DFK, a worldwide international association of independent accounting firms and business advisors in major geographic and economic centers throughout the US and around the world.


Let's Talk