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Ellin & Tucker CEO Aileen Eskildsen in BBJ: Culture is the Key to Lasting Business Success

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Ellin & Tucker’s culture has always been one of our strongest assets and at the core of how we continue to attract new professionals and retain our existing team. But for some companies, culture can become secondary to other factors. Combine this with the nation’s ongoing workforce challenges spurred on by the pandemic, and many companies can soon face significant roadblocks to growth. Or worse, the continuation of the business can be in jeopardy, requiring either a merger with, or being acquired by, a larger competitor.

In a recent “Viewpoint” article in the Baltimore Business Journal, Ellin & Tucker CEO Aileen Eskildsen (LINK TO HER E&T BIO) shared why a robust corporate culture that is thoughtfully curated and nurtured, can be the key to a company’s lasting success. She shares how a devotion to both new, and life-long employees, can lay a clear path toward the future, while also ensuring the next generation of leadership is being prepared to lead the way and ensure the business’ legacy.

Lastly, she provides insight into why a merger or acquisition can actually be more work, and require more resources, than a dedicated pivot toward an internal focus on the core team of employees and their career development.

You can read the full article online at the Baltimore Business Journal*.

*Subscription may be required.

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