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Ellin & Tucker’s Todd Feuerman Shares What 2023 Holds for the Construction Industry

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The past two years have been a good stretch for the construction industry, with heavy work backlogs and no shortage of new projects.  But what does 2023 have in store as a possible recession looms, and interest rates are rising? Ellin & Tucker Construction Services Chair Todd Feuerman shared his thoughts on what the next 12 months hold with the National Association of Surety Bond Producers’ (NASBP) podcast “Let’s Get Surety”. 

Todd shares his thoughts on what contractors can expect to see in 2023, the biggest opportunities for growth, possible challenges, and the leading indicators he is paying the most attention to for his predictions about the future. Todd discusses inflation and material costs, workforce demands, and why revenues continue to rise across the board. 

You can listen to the complete episode and hear all of Todd’s insights by visiting the NASBP podcast website:  

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