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Ellin & Tucker CEO Ed Brake Joins Downtown Partnership of Baltimore Executive Committee as The Partnership Addresses City’s Present Challenges

Ed Brake Ed Brake

In a move that will create increased support for the organizational mission of the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore (DPOB), Ellin & Tucker CEO Edwin Brake has been named to the group’s Executive Committee. Brake has been a long-time supporter of Baltimore, consistently dedicating his time to revitalizing the city, and the Downtown community in particular, through lasting volunteer efforts and advocacy. He’s gained a reputation for having a direct approach to tackling new problems, while embracing unique ways to overcome old ones. According to DPOB leadership, these attributes are exactly why his addition is so important.

“Ed is exactly the kind of leader that we were looking for on our Executive Committee,” said newly elected Board Chair of The Partnership, Mark Wasserman. “He is thoughtful, candid, and constantly challenging the status quo to see if there is a better way we could be doing things.”

DPOB is a non-profit corporation devoted to fostering a more vibrant and welcoming Downtown community. Brake’s appointment was part of a significant expansion of DPOB’s executive leadership, which includes the creation of two Vice-Chair positions and the expansion of the Executive Committee, with the goal of addressing the city’s modern problems head-on with long-term answers. The Committee will meet monthly and oversee both the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, and the Downtown Management Authority, a 106-block business improvement district that Downtown Partnership operates.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ed for years and am incredibly pleased that he agreed to take on a bigger role with Downtown Partnership,” said Downtown Partnership President, Shelonda Stokes. “His background in finance and accounting are invaluable, and his firm’s lasting commitment to being in Downtown make him a real asset to our team.”

Ellin & Tucker has been a staple of the Downtown district since 1946, a commitment to the community that Brake has staunchly upheld since taking over as CEO. He acknowledges that Baltimore faces many obstacles and though everyone is eager to find answers, he notes “they are not going to come easily.”

“Baltimore faces an uphill climb and the solutions to our troubles will need to have a real and lasting impact if we’re going to consider them successful,” Brake adds. “Short-term answers make everyone look and feel good in the moment. But I’m interested in finding remedies that leave tomorrow’s leaders free to tackle tomorrow’s problems, not the ones we failed to take on today.

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