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Ellin & Tucker Celebrates 6th Annual Week of Caring

There are many organizations making an impact on our region through a number of causes and this year our firm was fortunate enough to partner with five of those organizations during our 6th annual Week of Caring. Addressing issues like food insecurity, animal welfare, and homelessness, the not-for-profits we worked with during the week gave us the chance to make a stronger impact on the challenges the Baltimore region faces.

This year our team members volunteered their time and donated goods to the following organizations:

Ellin & Tucker is proud to support these organizations and is inspired by the meaningful work they are doing. We encourage you, our colleagues, community members, family, and friends to take time to learn about each of these not-for-profits and their missions. A little effort or time can go a long way and we need to continue to work together, hand-in-hand with the organizations facilitating change so that we can build a better and brighter Baltimore.


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