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Ellin & Tucker Celebrates Five Baltimore Nonprofits During 4th Annual “Week of Caring”

December 16, 2019

Baltimore, Md. – Ellin & Tucker, the mid-Atlantic’s leading public accounting and business consulting firm, hosted its 4TH annual “Week of Caring”, commending and supporting some of Baltimore’s most influential nonprofit organizations. The annual week long effort helps to showcase the incredible diversity and impact of the area’s many philanthropic groups, each one doing its part to make the city of Baltimore, and the surrounding region, a better place for all.

This year Ellin & Tucker dedicated their efforts to the following organizations:

  • Helping Up Mission provides hope to people experiencing homelessness, poverty, and addiction by meeting their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities is an independent, locally funded international network of locations in 54 countries, providing a “home-away-from-home” for seriously ill children and their families who are receiving treatment at a nearby hospital or medical facility in Maryland.
  • Moveable Feast fosters a community that cares for men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses by preparing and delivering nutritious medically tailored meals and groceries and providing nutritional counseling and other services.
  • Healthcare for the Homeless in partnership with caregivers, advocates, donors, and neighbors without homes, provides comprehensive health care services and supportive services to people experiencing homelessness, while serving as advocates for affordable housing and livable incomes for all.
  • Art With a Heart brings interactive visual arts classes and community beautification projects to Baltimore’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

“My take away from this experience is how powerful and impactful a group of people, giving of their time and their energy, can have on the world around them, or on an organization, or simply other people,” said Ellin & Tucker COO Aileen Eskildsen, who participated in several art projects for Art With a Heart.

Ellin & Tucker has been dedicated to strengthening Baltimore and surrounding communities for nearly 75 years. In 2008, the Giving Back Committee was formed with the specific mission of supporting a wide range of Baltimore nonprofits and the people each charity works tirelessly to help. In 2015, the committee started the Week of Caring, selecting five different regional nonprofits each year to focus their support.

“It starts at a neighborhood level, where if you’re working to help individuals around you, that they in turn are able to help others,” said Ellin & Tucker audit associate Alan Stelling, who spent time with Ronald McDonald House Charities. “The more we help each other out, and the more we listen to each other, the better Baltimore becomes.”

By the end of the week, Ellin & Tucker’s team of volunteers had helped to support over 1000 Baltimore families and individuals.

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