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Ellin & Tucker Expands Themes of “In The Room” Ad Campaign to New Website

Marty Jones, Aileen Eskildsen, and Chandini Shah sit in a lounge talking in the Ellin & Tucker office.

Baltimore, Md. – Ellin & Tucker, the leading Baltimore-based public accounting and business consulting firm, has debuted a new website ( developed in collaboration with long-standing Agency of Record (AOR) Vitamin. The new site is a culmination of recent campaigns and initiatives aimed at highlighting Ellin & Tucker’s unparalleled dedication to customer service and the direction in which leadership has taken the firm as it closes in on 75 years of accounting expertise.

The new site expands Ellin & Tucker’s ongoing “In The Room” ad campaign, which emphasizes how the firm’s experts support clients well beyond the traditional scope of work for accounting, by advising on business decisions of all shapes and sizes. It also serves as a window into the culture, what it’s like to be an employee, and how the firm stands side-by-side with the communities of Baltimore as diligently as they do with every client.

“We needed a website that not only illustrates who we are now, but our path for the future,” said Ed Brake , Ellin & Tucker’s CEO and managing director. “We’ve always been focused on being more than just accountants for our clients and the ‘In The Room’ campaign has perfectly illustrated our unique approach. The new site takes that experience to a digital point of contact, showing how we’ve evolved, and continue to evolve, into much more than an accounting firm, and how that philosophy impacts our culture and motivates every employee to succeed.”

Vitamin was also responsible for the “In The Room” ad campaign, currently running in key Baltimore media outlets. Ellin & Tucker’s relationship with Vitamin has allowed the accounting firm to fully integrate its marketing and communications efforts, delivering a cohesive, singular message across all aspects of advertising, digital, and public relations channels. According to Vitamin president and CEO Amanda Karfakis, the site reveals an accounting firm that’s setting a foundation for what’s to come.

“This is a firm that’s on the cusp of 75 years in business, but their direction and strategy are squarely focused on the road ahead,” says Karfakis. “Just as they work along side their clients, we’ve collaborated with Ellin & Tucker’s leadership on adopting a digital-first approach to external marketing and communications. The priority they’ve put on digital marketing integration is a testament to how committed they are to a forward thinking strategy that tells a story of an accounting firm that is unique among its peers.”

“If we were just accountants, we’d be like any other firm,” adds Brake. “Yes, we are experts in our field, but to our clients, we’re consultants, partners, and business associates who are invested in their all-encompassing success. I recall a meeting we once had with the Vitamin team where they asked what sets us apart the most from our peers. The answer was simple: it’s because we’re in the room.”

About Vitamin®
Vitamin® is the “Cure for the Common Brand®,” a full-service, digital-first agency providing clients with high-quality, process-driven deliverables within the disciplines of branding, website design and development, SEO/SEM, media & advertising, print, public relations, and social media. Founded in 2002, the Baltimore-based agency specializes in integrated, deeply-branded experiences that define clients and bring their unique differences to life with a focus on inbound lead generation and lead nurturing. Vertical expertise includes banking, built environment, commercial real estate, financial services, healthcare & human services, manufacturing and non-profit market sectors. Vitamin is a certified MBE/DBE/SBE by the Maryland DOT. Learn more at and on social media @vitaminisgood.

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