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Ellin & Tucker Team Member Cazmier Tymoch Achieves Major Milestone, Earning His CFA Designation!

Cazmier Tymoch Corporate Finance supervisor. Cazmier Tymoch Corporate Finance supervisor.

At Ellin & Tucker, we support and encourage our team members to pursue their professional goals.  For Cazmier Tymoch that meant pursuing a professional passion of analytics reporting and economics. That’s why we are proud to share the news that Cazmier has reached a major milestone and earned his accreditation as a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA). Congratulations, Cazmier!

A Maryland native, Cazmier grew up in Mt. Airy. He joined the Ellin & Tucker team in 2018, after graduating from Towson University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance. Now as a Senior Associate, Cazmier has become a trusted member of our team, providing Ellin & Tucker’s clients with numerous business valuation and corporate advisory services.

Earning a CFA accreditation requires passing three exams, a task that Cazmier knew would not be easy, but he found strength in the constant support from his Ellin & Tucker family. “The E&T team truly cares about helping each other grow and, most importantly, succeed.” said Cazmier. “I am so grateful that I had my teammates to lean on for guidance and encouragement throughout the entire CFA process.” According to Cazmier, passion is the key to CFA success and he believes his interest in finances and investing, along with a constant pursuit of knowledge, kept him focused and allowed him to see the program through.

The Ellin & Tucker team congratulates Cazmier on this significant personal and professional accomplishment and we look forward to watching him continue to shine!

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