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Ellin & Tucker’s Giving Back Committee Gets Outside and Gives Back

Colleen McNulty and Makayla Mullikin crouch down to pet a black dog at BARCS.

For Ellin & Tucker’s Giving Back Committee (GBC), welcoming the warm weather means the opportunity for outdoor volunteer events. Our team was thrilled to recently partner with two local not-for-profits and lend a hand with volunteer events in support of their efforts. 

For our first outdoor volunteer event of 2023, we partnered with Civic Works, a Baltimore-based not-for-profit that strengthens Baltimore’s communities through education, skills development, and community service. For nearly 30 years, Civic Works has been providing programs in areas such as community improvement, workforce development, and education. 

The Civic Works Community Landscaping Program works to transform vacant and abandoned lots in Baltimore City into community gardens and green spaces. On a sunny morning in May, the GBC joined members of Civic Work’s Landscaping Program at one of their lots off Harlem Avenue. Our volunteers moved four tons of weeds, soil, and brush. They also had their green thumbs put to the test, planting a tree and 30 perennial plants.  

Our next outdoor event was a doggone good time working with animals. The Baltimore Animal and Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) is Maryland’s largest animal shelter and pet adoption center, which was founded in 2005. BARCS grants refuge to every abandoned, neglected, abused, lost, or surrendered animal that comes through their door. On a warm but rainy morning at the end of June, a group of our animal lovers volunteered for the GBC’s BARCS event. 

The morning started with our volunteers receiving a tour of BARCS’ facility and a quick orientation. The volunteers were then split into two groups—one for dogs, and one for cats. BARCS has over 100 dogs that need to be walked daily. The first group of volunteers walked dogs and puppies around the shelter grounds. The second group of volunteers played with cats and kittens to help with socialization. All the contact between people and animals helps with the furry friends’ mental and physical development.  

Ellin & Tucker is grateful to both Civic Works and BARCS for allowing our team the opportunity to lend a hand and give us the chance to learn more about the important work they do. We encourage everyone to take time to learn about both of these not-for-profits and how you too can support their missions.  

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